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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Michele Avanti

Michele Avanti Contact me if you want me to paint your pet or pets. I do cats and other animals in hats, but also can do them without hats as you wish. I love nature and work in mixed media of photography, digital art and acrylics. Paintings can be created in any size you wish and with background colors to work with your decor. I can also place your pets in environments that you want to see them in. For example it might be your office, home or backyard. All I will require from you are clear photographs, digital preferred and a decent resolution. Call or email for prices, 541-900-1084 or

I have been passionate about capturing the beauty of nature since I first held a crayon. I hold two fine arts degrees in Art & Photographic Illustration. Have been a graphic artist, professional photographer, fine arts artist and even owned an advertising & marketing firm for two decades many years ago. Now after a lifetime of so many adventures, I am returning to my first love - capturing beauty!

A whole new world has developed since I first began painting so many years ago. At that time acrylics had just entered the marketplace and I loved them. Wanting to capture life more quickly and completely, I began learning photography with a little box camera. Then on to Rochester Institute of Technology. There I fell in love with artistic creation without film using only light sensitive paper and whatever you placed between the glass of an enlarger.

With my background in a variety of media, from pen & ink, pastels, acrylics, photography & photograms, I was elated to discover the digital world of Photoshop. Now I can combine the best of all worlds. Taking a photograph, or five photographs and combining them digitally to create the exact image I want. Then printing it out to canvas as the underpainting to be completed with acrylics and layers of glazes. Now I can have the defined architecture of nature and the beauty of colors that can only flow from a brush and textures that are created with palette knife and a variety of mediums from glass beads to fiber paste. Wow, the world of art has become completely limitless!

So here I am launching my return to my first love - art.

I welcome you to visit, to write, to share and to enjoy! I look forward to making you smile and perhaps having you pause in awe of the beauty that I perceive and capture of the magnificence that is Creator's gift to us.

Finding Your Way Around My Website

I have created several galleries to make it easy to find the genres you enjoy. As I increase my paintings, photographs and digital art, it may be easier to use the galleries. But remember you can always use the search engine on the upper right of this page.

For example, maybe you decided to buy a card, a canvas, or a print of a painting you looked at a while back, but cannot remember the name of it, but you know it was a flower. Then you could go to the galleries, and click on flowers, it will be in there.

On the other hand if you remember it was a yellow flower, or a dahlia, or perhaps a lily with water, then put those words into the search engine and it should come up quickly.

Unique Gifts

My art is not readily available everywhere so it makes an unusual, unique and exciting gift for people who love uplifting landscapes, jewel colored dynamic abstracts, fantastic macro florals, flowers in lovely colors, delightful animals, cats, kitties, dogs, horses, unicorns, dragons, fairies, rabbits, bunnies hares, fox, bison, ducks, zebras, bears and other fabulous creatures, some mythic, some wild and other our domestic best friends.

I have three fun series that can make unique gifts for children's rooms and for friends who love animals: my Cats In Hats, Kentucky Derby Animals In Hats, and Furry Friends. They are fun, funny and humorous.

For friends who love fantasy, check that gallery and of course there are nature, wildlife, water scapes, landscapes, abstracts and even some that speak to the spiritual side which I hope uplift and lighten the spirit. They can make get well, sympathy and religious occasion cards.

Commission Art
I also work on commission. I am a fast painter and digital artist, so if you have a project you would like, perhaps a unique gift for someone you love, contact me. I will ask a lot of questions and make sure we can agree on a price and time-frame and then I will get started. I have recently done some Birthday Gift commissions of Cats In Hats. The customers sent me photos of their friend's cat and I created an original painting for them. These paintings can be done in any size and can be of any animal, person or creature mythic or real.. can even be of a child's favorite toy or stuffed animal.

In the past, I have created huge works for banks, and corporations. full wall and historical illustrations, as well as very unusual portraits.

I am not limited in the world of design, drawing, photography or painting. I have been creating art in all these areas including graphic design of logos, architectural renderings, and even tapestries. I love what I do and when I take on a commission, I only take projects that I love. That assures both of us that you are getting the best I can give and I will pour love into your project exactly as I do for someone I know and cherish.

Also if you have seen a piece on this website and love it but it just isn't the right color for your home or office decor, please know, I can change anything. All the colors can be changed. You can send me swatches of material or pantone colors to match and I can do that. I have worked with Interior Decorators, printers and publishing houses, I know the worlds of color and can create the exact piece to match your home design - and I can even put you, or any member of your family into it!

Hit the contact button above, and ask any question you like. I am happy to work with you.

If you have a retail outlet, a cafe or a gallery, I will work with you. I can design a line of cards for your shop, or can create unique art to decorate your space.

Thank you for visiting! I look forward to working with you and welcoming you into my extended family of international clients and customers!

May joy fill your days and love fill your heart..

Best always,
Oh, if you made it this far... please join my newsletter list, I will be sending out a monthly newsletter with updates and special coupons. I also am offering a promotional pricing on three pieces each week. Thank you for visiting! May your world be filled with the luck of the leprechauns and the wonder of rainbows!